Maikel Nabil Sanad

I don’t know Maikel Nabil Sanad that well, but any Egyptian who supports Israel, has Hebrew on his webpage, and likes animals… Well, he’s got my attention. Yes, I know. He’s got a picture of himself giving ‘the finger’. And, there’s an ad for Adult FriendFinder. And… some of his writing will never be confused … Read more

Something Positive for Monday

Would you believe that I’m a pretty positive guy? No, really. I’m a complete optimist – absolutely, positively convinced that it will all work out. I’m just not all that cracked up about the messy part right before the end, which is why I created a second website called OmegaShock. I mean, I’ve got God … Read more

Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer runs Jihadwatch and has done much to keep us informed of what militant Islam plans for all who choose to reject the Quran. He was recently interviewed by Michael Coren on The Source with Ezra Levant, a politically conservative show aired in Canada. The July 28 interview was titled Blame America (included below). … Read more

Treppenwitz – Wisdom of the Stairs

Israel is special. Really. (I heard that gasp of surprise and will ignore it.) Unfortunately, Israel Outlook doesn’t capture more than a fraction of that special quality. My blog is all about terrible people doing terrible things to a country that I care deeply about. But, terrible people have done terrible things to other countries since … Read more