Expediency Redux

Remember that expediency is all about making decisions that are self-serving. And, in a sense, that’s what democracy is all about. We elect representatives to serve us, and we expect them to want the office that we elect them to. And, if they make decisions that we like, we reward them with election victories. If … Read more

Because Expediency Rules

Elliot Jager wrote an interesting article for the Jerusalem Post, and you can find the piece here. At heart it’s all about cynicism. Elliot has a pretty heavy case of it, just as I do. Don’t stand too close to us. It’s catching.   We Americans like to think that we’re the good guys. Actually, we … Read more

An Election That Was Good for Israel

Those of us who care about Israel are going to be chewing over the results of the most recent election for a long time. We’ll wonder if America’s support for Israel will fail. We’ll wonder if Israel’s enemies will nudge American foreign policy into a posture of appeasement. There’s a lot of things that we’ll … Read more

America Ya’ Done Good

It’s the day after the day after the election. Hmmm… Let me say that better. It’s the day after the day of the results of the election. Much better. Elections. Results. In America. There was grief. There was joy. I was there. In Israel, there were different kinds of grief and different kinds of joy, … Read more