The Forgotten People

Is The Holocaust about to happen again? I wrote yesterday that America not only stood still during The Holocaust, but intentionally assisted in furthering The Holocaust by turning away those who sought refuge in the US. This fact has brought eternal shame on America and, I believe, eternal judgment. Now that we are on the … Read more

The American Role In The Holocaust

The fact that America had ANY role in the Holocaust is sickening. But, when you consider that millions of Jews could have been rescued if the United States had given them shelter… It’s maddening. To my mind, there can be no greater argument for a coming judgment upon America than this fact. And, I document … Read more

Ready to Launch

It is a truism that diplomacy cannot work unless the object of your diplomacy has something to lose when efforts fail. And, it’s pretty clear that the current diplomatic moves of the Obama administration are just a reapplication of failed efforts of the past. Iran has already dealt with trade embargoes before. They didn’t work … Read more

Jerusalem Not In Israel

That is, according to the Obama administration. Isn’t that nice? The President of the United States isn’t even willing to acknowledge that WESTERN Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. Can anyone tell me why that is? It’s disgusting that America refuses to acknowledge East Jerusalem as a part of Israel. No, it’s beyond disgusting. It’s wrong. If … Read more

Obama Attacks Israel Again

At least he’s being consistent. I’ll give him that. Consistency is an important quality in a president. I certainly hope that the next President of the United States is also a consistent person. But, consistently negative towards Israel? Consistently attacking Israel? Is THIS the kind of consistency that we want in the President of the … Read more