The US Has Abandoned Israel

…according to Iran. In fact, they’re crowing about it. They even boast that the US has ‘bowed’ before Iran and given them concessions on their nuclear arms development. They are so excited. They think that they’ve been given the ‘green light’ by the Obama administration to ‘Kill All the Jews and Annihilate Israel‘. And, you … Read more

The New Land for Peace Deal

And, this is a deal that we could all get behind. Really. It’s even deliciously ironic. The phrase, “Hoist with his own petard” comes to mind – a phrase that began with Shakespeare and essentially means ‘blown up by your own bomb’. (A Petard is a bomb used to breach gates, etc.) Well, it seems … Read more

An Israeli for Congress

If you live in Johnson County, Texas, you will probably see the name Itamar Gelbman when voting day rolls around. Vote for him. No. Really. Vote for Itamar Gelbman. And, if he needs money for his campaign, give it to him. Why? Itamar was raised in Israel and served in the Israel Defense Forces. He … Read more

US Treatment of Holocaust Survivors

The more that I understand how deeply the Jews were betrayed by the US government… well, the more that I struggle to find the words that communicate the absolute fury that I have for what was and what is. What FDR and the US State Department did to Holocaust survivors is beyond description and is … Read more

Obama and Israel

How much daylight is there between the two? Like you, I remember his campaign promises as glorious. He was going to make McCain’s pro-Israel voting record look like NOTHING. I mean, you could have been excused for assuming that there were going to be four years of Israeli love songs from the oval office. New … Read more