We live in a world of spin. Every bit of news that we receive has been picked over and filtered to the point where it is barely recognizable as anything that is true. Your magazines decide what you want to read. Your newspapers choose what goes on page one. Your radio station decides what will fit at the top of the hour. And, the talking heads offer you a nightly dose of pabulum via the one-eyed god in your living room.

For the precious few, this world is not enough. They read the back pages of their local newspaper and subscribe to obscure magazines. They buy books that shed light on current events. They tune into programs that give depth and understanding to events that surround their daily lives.

They are engaged and conscious.

And if you have stumbled upon this blog, congratulations. You have joined the steadily thinning ranks of people who care – who take responsibility for what they know and do.

I will try to live up to that expectation by giving you an unflinching view of a place called Israel. The view may not always be pretty. It will often be controversial.

It will always be real.

Welcome to a road less traveled. Bring a comfortable pair of shoes and walk this road with me.

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