An Israeli for Congress

If you live in Johnson County, Texas, you will probably see the name Itamar Gelbman when voting day rolls around.

Vote for him.

No. Really.

Vote for Itamar Gelbman.

And, if he needs money for his campaign, give it to him.


Itamar was raised in Israel and served in the Israel Defense Forces. He made it to Lieutenant in the IDF and even speaks with an Israeli accent. And yes, he was born in America. He’s got a birth certificate to prove it. (Maybe we could just have him run for President!)

Isn’t that reason enough?

Okay, there’s more…

One of the things that he wants to do as a US Congressman is to fight against the Islamization of America.

But, just the thought of an Israeli Republican in the US Congress…

That is just so very cool.

‘Stop the Islamization of America’: Controversial Campaign Mailer Enrages Muslim Lobby

May 3, 2012 | by Mytheos Holt | The Blaze

Political campaign slogans, especially in the modern day, tend to be completely meaningless, focus grouped jumbles of words, designed not to offend the voters and to enlighten them even less. “Hope and Change,” for instance, or “Forwards,“ or even ”Country first.”

But “Stop the Islamization of America?” That might not play well with some people. Still, it’s one of the campaign promises which Texas Tea Party candidate Itamar Gelbman is apparently running on, in a decision that is inspiring the ire of some voters (and some national organizations), but earning the admiration of others.

Gelbman, who is running against Rep. Joe Bartin in Texas’ 6th District, doesn‘t have exactly the biography you’d expect from any candidate, Tea Party or otherwise. He says he’s an “Army Lieutenant” running for Congress. What he doesn‘t mention is that the army he’s talking about isn’t the United States Army – it’s the Israeli Army. That’s right, while Gelbman is an American citizen – he was born in New York, and has made a point of showing his birth certificate – he was raised in Israel, and served in the Israeli Defense Force, eventually attaining the rank of Lieutenant in Israel’s Special Forces. According to his campaign bio, he moved back to the United States to work in Security Consulting, and is now running for Congress.

Which brings us to the slogan mentioned above – “Stop the Islamization of America.” According to a report from WFAA Dallas, the slogan appeared in one of Gelbman’s flyers, which was sent to every voter in Texas’ 6th District, asking for their vote.

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