Obama and Israel

How much daylight is there between the two?

Like you, I remember his campaign promises as glorious. He was going to make McCain’s pro-Israel voting record look like NOTHING. I mean, you could have been excused for assuming that there were going to be four years of Israeli love songs from the oval office. New York Magazine even lauded Obama as America’s first Jewish president.

Instead, we got the strongest repudiation of Israel by a US President – within the first 100 days of his presidency – from an Arab capital, Cairo.

I cannot think of a more anti-Israel president since Jimmy Carter, and we might even have to go back to FDR or Wilson to find a president that was worse.

You’re probably sick of me saying that, so maybe you should do yourself a favor and vote this guy out of office. If you do that, I’ll shut up about Obama.

I promise.

(Thanks Daniel!)