Inside A School For Suicide Bombers

So much of the world views the suicide bomber as someone who acts out of desperation – someone who feels the terrible weight of injustice and takes the route of Jihad because there are no other options.

It’s complete and utter crap.

The video that you are about to watch describes how the Taliban create young suicide bombers in Pakistan. But, this could have been a documentary describing Hamas, Islamic Jihad, or many of the other fanatic Islamist groups preying upon young Palestinians.

And yes, that is exactly what they do. They prey upon the young minds of Palestinian youth.

It is the vilest form of child abuse, and it is practiced throughout the West Bank and the Gaza Strip – as well as the many places where you can find fundamentalist Islam.

If you care about the Palestinians, then you need to free them – and their children – from this terrible cult of death.