More Freedom Than Jerusalem

If you can prove that there is a city in the Middle East outside of Israel with more freedom than Jerusalem, you’ll get $50,000.

From Aaron Klein.

So, can you name one?


C’mon. Think hard. There’s fifty big ones in it for you.

Here, let me help.

Let’s take freedom of assembly. There’s GOT to be a city in the Middle East with more freedom than…

Okay, so maybe not.

How about freedom of… religion?


Gay rights?

Oh, sure. Show me a city ANYWHERE in the Middle East (outside of Israel) where there’s even been a Gay Pride march.

Okay, let’s make this REALLY easy. How about freedom to demonstrate against Israel?

Would you believe that you have more freedom in Israel to demonstrate against Israel than you do anywhere else in the Middle East?


How pathetic.

So, I guess that this means that you aren’t getting the money.