Debunking the Palestine Lie

When you repeat something enough times, people stop questioning it. Hitler understood this. Stalin understood this. Yasser Arafat understood this.

As has every ‘Palestinian’ leader before and since.

It’s called ‘The Big Lie’, and it takes a lot of patience and a careful use of the truth to expose it. And, a lot of courage.

Acolytes elevate ‘The Big Lie’ to the level of religion, and flouting their ‘diety’ can be a dangerous business. Injecting rational thought and rational principle makes any ‘Big Lie’ fall apart, and that will enrage every priest of ‘The Big Lie’. Challenging ‘The Big Lie’ will always get you The Spanish Inquisition. Expect it.

Of course, Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition.

Anyway, here’s a neat video Debunking the Palestine Lie:

Now, this doesn’t mean that I don’t have sympathy for those Palestinians who have suffered. I just don’t believe the lies about the origin of their suffering. The Arabs of the Middle East will only be free when they stop tolerating the lies that are told to them, and told about them.