If All Else Fails

America will step in and save the day.

That’s essentially what Leon Panetta said at AIPAC.

So, how many Israelis need to die before we reach this ‘when all else fails’ mark?

Few of us were alive during The Holocaust. But, did you know that the United States knew what was happening to the Jews in Europe?

And, they did nothing.

So, it’s clear to me that the murder of six million Jews isn’t enough to qualify as reaching the ‘If All Else Fails’ criteria.

America has a history of ignoring murder of innocent civilians and only acting when they have a specific interest. And, when you ask the US State Department, they’ll tell you that Israel isn’t interesting. They would be horrified that six million Jews were murdered, but then they’d go off to a well-deserved lunch break and talk about how senseless and vile the world was. Then, they’d pat themselves on the back and congratulate each other on how good they all were.

(They are truly fine fellows at the US State Department. Truly fine. Just ask them.)

That’s pretty much how the US handled The Holocaust, and that’s pretty much how we’d handle the annihilation of Israel.

And, Israel knows this.

Panetta: US will use force against Iran if all else fails

by Hilary Leila Krieger, JPost, 03/06/2012

US defense secretary tells AIPAC that “military action is the last alternative… but if all else fails, we will act,” stresses steps Obama administration’s commitment to Israel’s military edge.

WASHINGTON – The US would use military force against Iran if all else failed, US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta declared on Monday, labeling Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons the biggest menace facing the United States.

“No greater threat exists to Israel, to the entire region, and indeed to the United States, than a nuclear-armed Iran,” Panetta told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s Policy Conference. “Military action is the last alternative if all else fails, but make no mistake: When all else fails, we will act.”

Though members of the US administration – including President Barack Obama during his own speech to AIPAC on Sunday – have spoken repeatedly about the danger Iran poses, it is rare for administration officials to give it such primacy. And Panetta’s warning that America was positioned to use force if necessary also went further than most officials’ previous statements.

Throughout his remarks, the defense secretary stressed the US commitment to Israel’s security, the steps it had taken to maintain Israel’s qualitative military edge and the countries’ shared regional concerns.

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