Utter Stupidity in Turkey

I wanted a stronger title than that, but it would have required the use of expletives. And, even THAT probably wouldn’t cover my utter contempt for the imbeciles running Turkey.

I’ve spent a lot of time there, and although I can’t say that I really liked the place all that much, they seemed to be TRYING to be a modern country. Now, they seem to have given up on the whole idea of what ‘modern’ is and decided to have a go at being half-witted morons.

No. That’s not right…  They STARTED OUT as half-witted morons and have gone rapidly downhill from there.

What got me started to question Turkish IQ?

Well, a few days ago, we heard that Turkey had made NATO promise not to warn Israel if anyone launches missiles at the Jewish State – or, share anything that might help Israel shoot those missiles down.

What people of uncertain parentage!

And, now this…

Turkey restricts use of airspace by Israeli cargo planes

In another sign of deteriorating Israel-Turkey ties, most Israeli cargo flights forced to circumvent Turkey, causing financial damage to Israeli aviation sector.

By Zohar Blumenkrantz

Turkey has restricted the use of its airspace to Israeli cargo flights, marking another step in the deterioration of the bilateral relations between the two nations.

Turkey has begun banning Israeli flights carrying “dangerous materials” from using its airspace, Haaretz learned on Sunday.

The ban effects El Al and CAL cargo flights carrying materials designated as “dangerous.” This designation includes most of the cargo flights in and out of Israel, as it doesn’t include only explosives, but also any flight carrying batteries and even perfume, which are flammable and require special storage procedures.

From now on, Turkey is requiring that it be notified about flights of this type at least 10 days in advance, so that they may review whether or not to approve them.

The new move is causing substantial financial damage to Israeli airlines, as most Israeli flights, and all those flying to the Far East, regularly use Turkish airspace, and are now being forced to use longer flight routes that circumvent Turkey.

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