Israeli Threats

Israel’s security has always depended on credibility.

Because Israel’s enemies know that Israel is ALWAYS prepared to back up her words with successful actions, Israel’s enemies have been unwilling to attack Israel. The moment that Israel begins to make threats without intending to act on those threats… that moment marks the beginning of the decline of Israel’s security.

This has been Israels strategy for several decades, and Israel knows that this strategy is vital for her survival.

That’s why, when we hear Israel talk about attacking Iran, we know that these are real threats and not posturing. When Israel says that it will attack Iran under certain conditions, you know that they WILL attack Iran when those conditions arrive. It is a fundamental requirement of Israel’s security.

So, as we see the rhetoric heat up, pay attention to what the Israeli government says. The US government has zero credibility, and you cannot trust ANYTHING that they say. But, you can trust what Israel says.

So, pay attention.

Israeli threat against Iran must be ‘credible’
By OREN KESSLER 02/23/2012, Jerusalem Post

Analysis: Israel has capacity to wage effective strike on nuclear facilities, but should do so only as last resort.

Israel must maintain a credible threat of military action against Iran’s nuclear program, analysts said Wednesday, and must follow through on that threat if all other options fail.

“There is a real danger in making a threat if you’re not prepared to follow through on it.

The threat has to be credible,” a former highranking Israeli official said in a closed seminar at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS).

“Israel is independent – it will do what it has to do,” he said. “I would remind you that the Israelis have surprised the world in the past, and we could do the same again.”

The ex-official said time remains to explore non-military options against Tehran, including negotiations with Iran’s government, covert action and most importantly, levying harder-hitting sanctions on the Islamic Republic’s ailing economy. Iran has been subject to four rounds of UN Security Council sanctions, and last month the European Union agreed to an oil embargo and a freeze on assets in the Iranian central bank.

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