The West Abandons Israel

There are days when I am tired of holding the passport of a country that you cannot trust. And yes, I mean the United States of America.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my country… okay, so maybe I love what my country WAS. What it is now isn’t so nice. And, when I look at how our country has routinely stabbed Israel in the back when she needed America the most… Well, it makes me more and more willing to hand in my passport for one that doesn’t make me sick when I read the news. I want to be proud of my country, and I have been proud of my country. And, I hope that one day I will be proud of my country.

Right now, I’m struggling to feel just so-so about my country.

America was truly the greatest country in the history of humanity. No country has done more good, rescued more people, liberated more of the oppressed than the United States. No one has fought their wars with more honor and rightness (and righteousness) than America.

When things got bad, who did everyone turn to? The United States of America.

We were a beacon on a hill.


I repeat, “were“. We are no longer a beacon on a hill, and it’s depressing to think about. What we are today is the largest purveyor of pornography on the planet. Our corrupt television shows and movies are seen all over the world – and they corrupt every society that watches them.

And, when Israel needs us the most, we are an enemy and not a friend.

It makes me sick to see my country abandon Israel in her time of direst need.

I’m not sure that I can sing God Bless America anymore. And, if I can, I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to keep on doing it. I just don’t know.

Would someone please turn this ship around?

We’re headed for the rocks.

West abandoning Israel in face of Iran threat?

Monday, February 20, 2012 | Ryan Jones

Western powers have for years made grand pronouncements regarding their commitment to Israel’s security in the face of the Iranian nuclear threat. But now that Iran is drawing so close to being able to field a nuclear weapon, America and Europe appear to be backing off and leaving Israel to the wolves.

The most damning evidence that the West would not, contrary to the promises of US President Barack Obama and others, do everything necessary to protect Israel came when NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen suggested this week that an early-warning radar system in Turkey would not provide Israel with advanced warning of an Iranian missile launch.

Speaking to reporters in Turkey, Rasmussen insisted that “data is shared within our allies, among our allies. It’s a defense system to protect the populations of NATO allies.”

After being further baited by Turkish reporters, Rasmussen again stressed that “it is a NATO system and the data within the system will not be shared with third countries.”

While Rasmussen was reluctant to single out Israel as one of those “third countries,” Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davuto knew exactly what his nation’s press wanted to hear: “Especially if it’s about Israel, our view is clear.”

Earlier this month, Israel’s military intelligence chief, Maj.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi, said that intelligence suggests Iran already has enough nuclear material to build four atomic bombs. Kochavi told the annual Herzliya Conference that if Iran decided today to build a nuclear bomb, it could do so in less than one year.

With the situation clearly reaching a critical junction, talk of the possible need to launch a preemptive strike has reached fever pitch in Israel. The consternation of Israelis has been further exacerbated by recent calls from within Iran’s religious leadership to attack and destroy Israel no later than 2014.

In a document published by Iran’s Alef news agency, the chief strategist of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Alireza Forghani, argued that “in the name of Allah, Iran must attack Israel by 2014. All our troubles are due to Israel!”

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