Terrorism on a Salary

A while ago an expert once said that terrorism cannot exist without money. And, that rule has withstood the test of time. It is true that it tends to cost less for Islamicists to fund terrorism. Those terrorist dollars just go farther when a fanatic will do it for the promise of all-sins-forgiven and 72 virgins.

But even then, it still costs money.

Here we have a more obscene version. Here we have terrorism on a salary.

All that you have to do is murder an Israeli. You get sent to jail where you’ll often experience better living conditions than you had outside of jail, and your family will collect a salary much greater than you could get anywhere else.

In light of this astounding fact, I don’t understand why more Palestinians are not taking up this generous offer. Could it be that there are Palestinians out there who also think that this is obscene?

Of course, you couldn’t pay me enough to spend the rest of my life in jail. But, then again, if it feeds your wife and children… you’d do almost anything, right?

I think that it’s time to turn off the money, don’t you?

In ‘Palestine,’ terror pays

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 | Ryan Jones

There is sadly no shortage of Palestinian Arabs with an ingrained nationalistic motivation to harm and kill Israeli Jews. But for many others, there is another compelling reason to engage in terrorism: a steady salary.

An Israeli court this week charged two Gaza men with terrorist activity after they admitted to plotting to kill Israeli soldiers so they could collect a healthy Palestinian Authority salary while sitting in Israeli jails.

The economy is not healthy anywhere in the world. But with Hamas’ mismanagement of Gaza (did anyone expect more from a recognized terror group?) and Israel’s need to impose a security blockade, local unemployment rates are through the roof.

Salam Alsufi and Ra’ami Tayima knew that by joining Hamas they would get into the kind of trouble that would land them up in an Israeli jail. And that’s just what they wanted, since the Palestinian Authority pays jailed Palestinian terrorists between 3,200 and 10,000 shekels (about $865-$2,700) per month, far more than Palestinian civil servants earn. Additionally, the families of jailed Palestinian terrorists receive tax breaks and free education.

With those kinds of benefits, it is little wonder that Alsufi and Tayima were anxious to get arrested. In fact, media reports suggested the two men became impatient with the orders given to them by Hamas, which included monitoring Israeli troop movement from a hidden position and killing any Israelis that entered Gaza. Instead of waiting, Alsufi and Tayima were caught cutting their way through the Gaza security fence in order to attack soldiers patrolling on the Israeli side of the border line.

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