Israeli Arabs Proud to be Israeli

I love hearing news like this.

No. That’s not good enough, so let me say it again.

I ABSOLUTELY and COMPLETELY love hearing news like this.

Yeah. That’s better.

Do you have any idea what this means?

This is saying that Israel is a COMPLETELY awesome country. It means that Israel really has bent over backwards to welcome Arabs as a part of Israeli society. It means that Arabs PREFER Israel over other Arab countries. It means that Israel has been able to find a way to make Arabs feel accepted – a truly monumental task when your biggest enemies are also Arab.

I do not know of a single country in the world today that has been able to accomplish something like this. Everyone else, including the United States, has treated ethnic minorities with deep hostility when engaging in war with that ethnic’s homeland.

During World War I, the US ostracized German-Americans.

During World War II, the US even put Japanese-Americans in concentration camps.

And, Israel?

While at war with the Arab world, Israel has still been able to make Israeli Arabs feel… well, Israeli. And, that is an incredible testament to a people and a country. It’s just… wow, as in “words fail me wow”.

Am I saying that Israel is perfect?

Unfortunately, no. Israel is NOT perfect, and there is still work to do in her relationship with her minorities. So no, not perfect. Just…

Completely awesome and amazing.

Here’s the article that got me sappy and emotional:

Most Arabs proud to be Israeli

Thursday, February 02, 2012 | Ryan Jones, Israel Today

If one were to listen only to the mainstream media and Israel’s many antagonists, one would be led to believe that the Jewish state is a horrible and oppressive place for Arabs to live, and that said Arabs desire nothing more than to replace Israel with their own “Palestinian” state.

But if one bothers to listen to those Arabs themselves (something the media often does its best no avoid), a completely different picture emerges.

According to the Democracy Index 2011 survey conducted recently by the Israel Democracy Institute, nearly 53 percent of Israeli Arabs are “proud to be Israelis.”

Only 28.3 percent responded that they are “not at all proud” to be Israelis.

Those figures would seem a stark contrast to all those criticisms about Israel being an apartheid state that discriminates against and oppresses its Arab population.

Alexander Yakobson, an op-ed contributor to left-wing Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, said he asked a group of British journalists whether or not 45 percent (the percentage of Arabs who said they were proud to be Israel in the year Yakobson made his inquiry) of Catholics in Northern Ireland would be ready to say they are “proud to be British.”

Yakobson recounted that one of the journalists told him: “I do not believe that 45 Catholics in Northern Ireland are willing to say it, let alone 45 percent.”

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