War With Egypt

Iran is gleefully predicting that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will tear up the peace agreement with Israel. This is from Amin al-Sayed Ibrahim, head of Hezbollah’s political council. And his comments were made during the International Conference on Islamic Awakening and the Youths in Teheran.

You would expect someone like Mr. Ibrahim to know whether a statement like this is plausable. Unfortunately, those of us who worry about Israel’s safety know that this is not only plausable, but inevitable. Worse yet is the realization that a torn up peace agreement will mean war not long after.

The only thing that will keep the new Islamic Republic of Egypt off of this course is civil war, which is possible and war with neighbors to their south, which is even more likely. (Egypt has been jealously guarding its right to ALL the water of the Nile – including the water that runs through Sudan, Ethiopia, and Uganda.)

So, short of a complete breakup of Egypt, we have to ask ourselves not whether there will be war with Egypt – but when there will be war with Egypt.

And, should Israel ever appear weakened in any way, that war will come even sooner.

Brotherhood would cancel Camp David Agreement, says Hezbollah official
Haitham Dabbour, Egypt Independent, Mon, 30/01/2012

Tehran — Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood will eventually cancel the Camp David Agreement, despite the group’s announcement that it respects international agreements Egypt has signed, said Amin al-Sayed Ibrahim, head of Hezbollah’s political council.

Speaking to the “International Conference on Islamic Awakening and the Youths,” Ibrahim said that the Egyptian military, so as not to lose its clout, would never allow the Brotherhood to write the constitution or even form a constituent assembly to write the constitution.

Following their electoral victories in Parliament, Egypt’s most organized political group has offered assurances that it would respect the 1979 peace treaty with Israel.

When asked early this month whether Washington believed that the Islamist party would uphold the treaty, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said that the party “has made commitments to us in this regard.”

Ibrahim said that the current unrest in Syria is a conspiracy and not a revolution, as western media claims. The Egyptian delegation clashed with him over the remarks.

“The Syrians transfer arms to the Palestinian resistance,” he said.

Over 1,200 young people from Iran as well as 73 other countries are participating in the two-day conference, Iran’s Fars news agency reported on Monday.