Islamic Republic of Egypt

Welcome to the new Iran of the Middle East.

Just when you thought that you could dispense with Israel, and relegate her to the back pages of human history… along comes a development that emphasizes just how important Israel is – and why the world will never be able to free itself from Israel’s importance.

And yes, I like that.

One of these days the idiots who set foreign policy will wake up to this fact, but probably not until it’s too late – right about the time the global caliphate is on the verge of taking to the world stage.


So, over the next year, the 75% Islamist Egyptian parliament is going to draft a constitution. Anyone still wondering what kind of constitution it will be?


Well, me neither.

So, to my friends in the US State Department, please continue your games. Really, it provides immense entertainment value to those of us who know the score.


Islamists Secure Nearly Three-Quarters of Egyptian Parliament

January 21, 2012, Christopher Santarelli, The Blaze

Egyptian Islamists Win 75 Percent of Parliament

Egypt‘s election commission and political groups say final results from the country’s first elections since the Arab spring show that Islamist parties won nearly three-quarters of the seats in parliament.

The Associated Press reports that an alliance led by the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood won 47 percent of the spots in the 498-seat parliament, while the ultraconservative Al-Nour Party clinched 25 percent. The two parties are not likely to join forces because of ideological differences.

Liberal New Waftd and Egyptian Bloc parties finished third and fourth respectively, according to Reuters. Reuters also notes that the Revolution Continues coalition, which is dominated by youth groups at the forefront of the protests that toppled Mubarak, attracted less than a million votes and took only seven of the 498 seats up for grabs in the lower house.

Only one woman was among the 10 parliamentary seats appointed by the ruling military council which took over for Hosni Mubarak last February. Mubarak had traditionally used the quota to boost the representation of women and Coptic Christians.

The new parliament is set to convene for the first time Monday.

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  1. AHhhhh the smell of Spring. The Arab Spring to be exact. Don’t expect Flowers to sprout in this Spring. It might be good to invest in material for your Berka.

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