Palestinian Democracy Not Possible

There can be no other rational conclusion, until something changes.


It’s been slowly dawning on some of us that democratic ideals can only exist where there is an education system to promote them. If you have an educational system that promotes some OTHER ideal, well… you’ll get something other than democracy.

Hence, the current Palestinian mess.

That’s right. For generations, the Palestinians have taught their children anti-democratic values, and we’ve known this. That’s why it shouldn’t surprise us (but does) when democratic elections bring non-democratic results.

Democracy requires a good educational system. Palestinians do not have one. Ergo, Palestinians cannot be allowed to have a democracy. Otherwise, they become a threat to their neighbors. And frankly, that’s a bad thing for the Palestinians.

It is very, very unhealthy to be a threat to Israel.

Read the following article and see if you draw the same conclusions that I have…

‘Hamas will defeat Fatah in May elections’
By Khaled abu Toameh, 01/20/2012

Former PA minister Nabil Amr warns that his party will be defeated again if new elections are held in Palestinian territories.

A senior Fatah official warned Thursday that Hamas would once again defeat his faction if and when new elections are held in the Palestinian territories.

Nabil Amr, a former Palestinian Authority minister, said that Fatah leaders have sent a letter to President Mahmoud Abbas (who also heads Fatah) calling on him to hold a conference to discuss preparations for the elections, slated for May.

Abbas has announced that he would like to hold elections on May 4. However, many Palestinians are skeptical that he would be able to hold the vote, largely due to the ongoing dispute between Hamas and Fatah.

Fatah has come under criticism for failing to draw conclusions from its defeat to Hamas in the 2006 parliamentary election.

Since the Hamas victory, Fatah has failed to come up with a new list of candidates.

Moreover, internal squabbling between Fatah’s young guard and veteran leaders continues to undermine the faction’s credibility in the eyes of many Palestinians.

Last week, Amr and several Fatah leaders held consultations in Jordan to discuss ways of avoiding another electoral defeat to Hamas, as was the case in the last parliamentary vote.

“Yes, we are concerned,” Amr said in an interview with the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper. “Unless the situation in Fatah changes, what happened in the past could occur once again.”

Read the rest of the article, here.


As an aside. Take a look at the US educational system. That’s the future of ‘American Democracy’ – such as it is.