Threat from Sinai

This is something that we’ve been worried about for a while – the Sinai border with Israel.

It is routinely used by Bedouin to smuggle all kinds of things into Israel – drugs, prostitutes, weapons and terrorists. Until now, Egypt has had a tight control on access to the Sinai and few weapons and terrorists have been able to gain access. Not so now.

Libyan weapons are flowing unchecked into the Sinai and terrorists are having a field day – with a free hand to do what they want. This is NOT good news to anyone that wants to see peace in the Middle East. Hamas no longer needs to just shoot rockets into Israel from Gaza, they can now launch attacks over land on Eilat and into southern Israeli cities.

And, to think that Barack Obama celebrated this “Arab Spring” that is shaking out Arab dictatorships.

Israel raises alarm over Sinai-Gaza cooperation
Jan 16 01:35 PM US/Eastern, AFP

Israel is facing a growing security threat to its south because of the changes brought on by the Arab Spring which is not likely to disappear any time soon, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday.

“The security problem which is developing as a result of changes in the Middle East is getting worse, and is expected to continue for years,” Netanyahu told MPs at the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs and defence, in remarks communicated by a spokesman.

“The state of Israel is required to strengthen its defence and attack capabilities immediately, which costs a lot of money,” he said.

“Libyan arms continue to flow into Gaza through Sinai,” he said, indicating that there were “more than 10,000 missiles” in the coastal enclave, some of which had a range “surpassing 40 kilometres (24 miles).”

The ongoing reconciliation process between Fatah and Hamas would force Israel to demand that Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip would be under similar terms as Fatah-controlled West Bank, Netanyahu said.

“Fatah-Hamas unity would force us to demand that the Gaza Strip be demilitarised,” he said.

He accused Iran of using the Egyptian Sinai as a staging area for launching attacks on Israel.

“Terror elements have entered the region, they’re using the area as a platform for terror, Sinai has become a destination for Iran,” he said, noting that in an attack last summer a missile was shot at a helicopter, which managed to dodge it.

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