Glenn Hammers Ron Paul

Would you believe that I would be a Ron Paul supporter, right now, if it wasn’t for his insane foreign policy?

I mean, he has some other insane ideas, like legalizing heroin and prostitution, but I think that I can handle THAT kind of insanity. Or, maybe I should say that the US can handle that kind of insanity. It’s certainly more sane than what we have right now.

But, insane foreign policy, in a time when the world is going insane?

And, his complete and utter lack of understanding of Islam?

In the choice between Ron Paul and Barack Obama, I’m not really sure who would represent the biggest suicide. I suspect that Obama would be far worse than Ron Paul, but a Ron Paul presidency would do terrible damage to the US.

Anyway, Glenn Beck did a monologue on Ron, and I thought that he did a good job of summarizing my thoughts, and the thoughts of others on the subject.

Here’s the video:

Seriously folks, I really want to vote for Ron, but I just can’t. And, someone who’s trying to construct a Libertarian Utopia… well, he’s fine for Congress. I think that we need to keep him there.

And, before you turn away and do something else, go and join GBTV. Seriously, I’ve gotten a lot out of it, and you will to.

2 thoughts on “Glenn Hammers Ron Paul”

  1. SERIOUSLY????? RON PAUL!!! The man is daft!! He proposed 0% taxes, so who pays for maintaining the country? He is a racist, deluxe and a hypocrit in the first degree. He ALSO believes 9/11 was an inside job by our own government!! I think RP has been sniffing the white stuff, drinking the kool-aid and smoking that stuff that smells like burning alphafa way too long! Either way, RP or BHO, would be certain suicide for America.

  2. ……..oh, and did I mention he is anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian; sees nothing wrong with Iran having nuclear weapons and thinks Allah and Yaweh are one in the same!! I’m surprised at you, John.

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