Israelis Abroad Under High Alert

I’m afraid that my sense of humor gets me into a lot of trouble. And, I like talking to Israelis, and I do that every chance I get. However, Israelis try very hard not to give themselves away, because YOU might be a terrorist. Unfortunately, for Israelis, it’s hard to hide nationality.

A few months ago I spoke to a number of Israelis here in Taipei, and got a number of responses:

“I only speak English” – in a thick Israeli accent.

“Are you talking to me?”

My favorites are the Israeli girls just out of the army selling Dead Sea cosmetics in US malls. I love the shock they get when someone speaks hebrew with them in the middle of nowhere in Godblessamerica.

And further afield, I was at the top of Mount Victoria in Hong Kong when an Israeli Dad was taking his kids to the McDonalds there. My back was turned to them, and his little boy was saying ‘Abba, Eyfo Anachnu? Eyfo?” I was with my wife, and I yelled out “Anachnu b’Hong Kong!”

This must have startled the Dad because, when I turned to look to my left, and the Israeli Dad was staring at me and smiling, wondering if he was in trouble. Or, if I was trouble.

He certainly looked old enough to command an Israeli military unit, which at the time was exactly what Iran was looking to kidnap/kill at the time.

Well, they’re at it again.

Be safe!

Here’s the Jerusalem Post article:

Israel raises security after Iran scientist killed

By YAAKOV KATZ, 01/13/2012

Defense establishment tightening security for overseas delegations amid fears of Iranian retaliation.

The defense establishment is tightening security over Israeli delegations overseas out of concern that Iran will avenge the assassination on Wednesday of a senior nuclear scientist and ahead of the anniversary of the killing of Hezbollah’s military chief.

Security officials said that meetings were being held regularly by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and the Counterterrorism Bureau to assess the threat and make adjustments to the security of delegations and senior officials overseas.

On Thursday, a hardline Iranian newspaper with links to the country’s top authority called on the clerical establishment to take retaliatory measures against Israel for the killing of scientist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan in Tehran.

Read the rest of the article, here.