Israel Readies for a Nuclear Iran

How is THAT for distressing news?

It seems that Israel may be contemplating the discarding of a military option for dealing with Iran’s nuclear weapons program. This may be just an analysis of potential alternatives, or it could be a sign that Israel believes that there is no long term answer to Iran’s desire to acquire nukes – especially if they must ‘go it alone’.

It may also be an attempt by Israel to misdirect the world as to her intentions.

Whatever the case, it is unsettling to see Israel contemplating the possibility that no one will find a way to keep Iran from successfully testing a nuclear device.

The unthinkable has become thinkable.

Someone PLEASE tell me that Israel isn’t thinking of trusting the US for her defense!

Israel preparing for nuclear Iran: report

Jan 9 06:29 PM US/Eastern, AFP

Israel is preparing for Iran to become a nuclear power and has accepted it may happen within a year, the London Timesreported on Monday citing an Israeli security report.

The Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) think-tank prepared scenarios for the day after an Iranian nuclear weapons test at the request of former Israeli ambassadors, intelligence officials and ex-military chiefs, the paper reported.

Israel has so far maintained it will do all within its power to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities, but has shifted its position following recent United Nations’ reports, according to the Times.

The UN atomic agency said Monday that Iran is now enriching uranium at a new site in a hard-to-bomb mountain bunker, in a move set to stoke Western suspicions further that Tehran wants nuclear weapons.

INSS specialists including a former head of Israel’s National Security Council and two former members of the prime minister’s office conducted the simulation study in Tel Aviv last week.

If Iran does test a nuclear weapon, INSS predicts a profound shift in the Middle East power balance.

According to extracts of the report seen by the British publication, experts believe the US would propose a defence pact with Israel, but would urge it not to retaliate.

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