Palestinian Refugees – the Truth

A body of lies has become accepted truth in the world, and that ‘accepted truth’ is being used to bludgeon Israel – with the hope of eventually destroying her. And the willing cooperation by so many to perpetuate these bold lies continues to shock even myself. How can educated individuals knowingly brandish outright falsehoods and still believe themselves to be people worthy of respect?

It defies logic. It truly does.

The lies that am referring to claim that Israel is culpable in the origin and suffering of the Palestinian refugees – when the truth originates in precisely the opposite direction. The Arabs are the source of the refugee problem, just as they are the source of their suffering as well.

I have argued this point about the Palestinian refugees for two decades, and few seem able to absorb the point.

If the world truly wants to help Palestinian refugees, they first need to stop lying about them.

Here is an awesome video that you should pass on to as many people as you know:

Israel is not the source or the cause of the refugee problem.