Maikel Nabil Sanad

I don’t know Maikel Nabil Sanad that well, but any Egyptian who supports Israel, has Hebrew on his webpage, and likes animals…

Well, he’s got my attention.

Yes, I know. He’s got a picture of himself giving ‘the finger’. And, there’s an ad for Adult FriendFinder. And… some of his writing will never be confused with anything Christian. (You weren’t expecting a Baptist, right?) So, you might have to hold your nose a bit to support him.

The problem is that the guy is going to die at the hands of the current Egyptian regime, unless something isn’t done soon.

I picked this up recently from the Jerusalem Post:

‘Pro-Israel’ Egyptian blogger becomes a cause celebre

By THE MEDIA LINE 10/31/2011 20:42

Previously shunned for views on Israel, activists adopt prisoner of conscience after authorities send him to psychiatric hospital.

He was Egypt’s first prisoner of conscience after the fall of Husni Mubarak in February.

Until recently, however, the story of Maikel Nabil was largely ignored by activists who were offended by his views on Israel. Now, inspired by his long hunger strike and angered by the authorities’ decision to commit him to a psychiatric hospital last week, Egyptian activists have catapulted the young man into the spotlight.

Activists and observers say that by dispatching Nabil to a psychiatric institution, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), Egypt’s interim military government, is using a tactic borrowed from the Mubarak era in dealing with the opposition or others officials who want to keep out of the public eye by avoiding a trial: declare them insane.

Basma Abdel Aziz, the director of media for Egypt’s General Secretariat of Mental Health, said Nabil ‘s transfer to a psychiatric  institution is “a dangerous and unacceptable affair.” She and others contend that the military is attempting to avoid responsibility for his death, if it happens, by moving him out of prison.

Read the rest of the article here.

Of course, he knew something like this was going to happen. In April, the Huffington Post published this story:

The Story Of Maikel Nabil Sanad: The Egyptian Blogger Jailed For Taking On The Military

Just three days after Hosni Mubarak stepped down, while the rest of Egypt celebrated, a 25-year-old blogger made a grim prediction: “I’m a dead man.”

An unemployed veterinarian with the telltale stooped posture of an Internet junkie, Maikel Nabil Sanad has had a knack for predictions. Back in the fall, when no one could have imagined that a revolution would bring down the government, he’d been arrested for standing up to the regime and refusing to serve in the military.

In early February, he was arrested again, this time while on his way to a protest in Tahir Square. A few days later, in an online article bristling with exclamation points and outrage, he accused the military officers who detained him of beating and sexually harassing him and his fellow prisoners. “I’m writing this time not to take revenge,” he wrote, “but to let people know what would happen to them if this revolution failed.”

Now that the revolution appeared to have triumphed, you might think Nabil would have looked down the road and seen freedom. Instead he saw doom. Mubarak was gone, yes, but Nabil’s beef had never really been with Mubarak. His “biggest enemy,” as he put it in his blog, was the one institution the people trusted, the military.

Read the rest of the story here.

If you have a moment, spare a prayer for this guy. He’s being jailed and his life is in danger because he supports Israel.