Dennis Prager on Apartheid in Israel

I have a good friend who has spent an enormous amount of time trying to harass me into listening to the Dennis Prager Show. Since I’m not nearly as tough as I seem, I eventually, I said “Awright, already! I’ll listen!”

Well, the Dennis Prager Show is good. If I was a regular listener of talk radio, I’d probably would have said that it’s great. It doesn’t have the bombast and desk thumping of Rush. It’s not the show-biz of Beck. It’s just good old talk radio, straight up.

Not only that, but Dennis Prager gets it right. He really does, and I just stumbled over one excellent example right here:

Dennis Prager – Is Israel an Apartheid State?

THAT was awesome.

To get more of that kind of awesomeness, listen to the Dennis Prager Show and go check out Prager University.