Israeli Terrorism Against Innocent Palestinians

I was going to write about something else today. I was going to talk about two-faced lying by the Palestinian Authority. I was going to describe how Palestinian diplomats openly speak on Arabic TV of how they lie to the international media and other ambassadors and diplomats.

But, that was before I stumbled upon this horrific story of Israeli Terrorism Against Innocent Palestinians.

How can a story of insane corruption compare to Israeli Terrorism Against Innocent Palestinians?

The fact that Palestinian diplomats openly talk about how they say one thing in Arabic, and say something completely, outrageously different in English… (And, how it’s a good thing) …How they speak atrocious lies to the diplomatic community while accusing the Americans and Europeans of lying… Those facts can mean nothing in the face of Israeli Terrorism Against Innocent Palestinians.

Yes, the Palestinians are engaged in the vilest of outrageous hypocrisies, but I say that this charge is completely eclipsed by Israeli Terrorism Against Innocent Palestinians!

In fact, I was even going to show you this video:

I was going to show that video to you, but now I can’t.

I was going to gleefully point out the incredibly brazen, contemptible and two-faced hypocrisy of the Palestinian thugs running the Palestinian Authority. But, I can say nothing about any of that. Nothing. Because I have discovered terrible evidence of Israeli Terrorism Against Innocent Palestinians.

Please, if there are little children in the room, you must ask them to leave because I need to show you this video of Israeli Terrorism Against Innocent Palestinians.

Here it is:

It was bad right?

I was so shocked by the video myself that I could only get as far as the little kid on the beach sitting in the puddle of water. (Little kids sitting in puddles of water are always a bad sign.)

I hope that the terrible atrocities depicted in the video above of Israeli Terrorism Against Innocent Palestinians don’t keep you from having a great weekend.

And, the blatant lies, open deceit, and outrageous hypocrisy of the Palestinians?

I guess that you’ll just have to hear about that somewhere else.