Turkey Escalates

Turkish insanity continues to intensify.

A few years ago, Israel discovered a massive natural gas field within its economic zone, and everyone in the region immediately started rattling their sabres – standard operating procedure for this rather insane part of the world.

What isn’t standard is Turkey jumping in, opposing Israel and aggressively escalating the conflict.

The Jerusalem Post recently published the following Reuters article:

Turks begin gas exploration, risk feud with Cyprus, Israel

09/27/2011 02:41

After Erdogan calls Israeli and Cypriot drilling for gas in Mediterranean “madness,” Turkey risks escalation by sending vessel to area.

    ANKARA – A Turkish ship began exploring for gas off the coast of Cyprus on Monday, the Turkish Cypriot government said, an announcement that escalates a confrontation between Cyprus, Israel and Turkey over huge Mediterranean gas reserves.

The Greek Cypriot government said last week it had started drilling for gas at a site south of the island, infuriating Turkey which supports a separate Turkish Cypriot government on the north of the island.

Cyprus promises to share gas profits with Turkish north
Expert deems Turkish threat on Cyprus drilling serious

Israel has also been drilling in nearby waters.

The battle over claims to what may be the biggest natural gas discovery in the world for the last decade has widened the split between Turkish and Greek-speaking Cypriots, and harmed Turkey’s relations with Israel, already strained over a deadly Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla last year.

Read the full article here.

Add this to all the other diplomatic moves Gomer… I mean, Turkey… has been involved in, you can come away with only one conclusion: Gomer… Turkey… is interested in enhancing its hegemony in the region.

As insane as this may sound – and it is insane – it appears to me and others that Gomer is attempting to revive the empire, a sort of Ottoman Empire, v. 2.0.

We are moving straight towards Gog, Magog and Armageddon. This is not going to be pretty. Not at all.