Three Questions of Islam

It amazes me that people still question Israel’s right to exist.

Now, most don’t realize that they are questioning Israel’s right to exist. They’re just parroting comments picked up by the New York Times, Huffington Post, etc.

“But”, they say, “we’re not questioning Israel’s right to exist. We’re just questioning her methods.”

Oh, you mean her right to defend herself?

“Well, not in the WAY she defends herself.”

Well, after much backing and forthing argument, it really always comes down to the right of self-defense, which is really the right to exist.

Of course, this doesn’t make peace between the Palestinians and Israel, it takes negotiations to do that. And, here is where it all falls apart.

If the problems were localized, (e.g., defined, concrete issues) we could make peace tomorrow. We could assign this border here and that border there. We remove THESE checkpoints. And, so forth.

But, if the problems are systemic, then there’s no chance, until you’ve dealt with the core problem. Part of the core problem is that the Palestinians teach their children to hate and kill Israelis. Another part is the continual incitement on television.

If that was it, you could solve the problem in 20 years – something that Oslo tried to do about 20 years ago, and failed.

Part of the reason for that failure lies in another element to this systemic problem: Islam. And, Michael Coren has three questions to ask of Islam:

Who would have thought that Canadian television would be this good?

Go Canada!