The Iranian Nuclear Program

Ahmadinejad has said that Iran’s nuclear program is like a train with no brakes. And sadly, I have to agree. The only brakes that have any chance of working have either failed, or been blocked.

You would think that the biggest brake of all would be the United States, and you’d be right. But, they’ve done almost nothing to stop the Iranians. Yes, they did increase funding for Voice of America and help the Israelis create the Stuxnet virus, but that’s pretty much it.

Worse, the United States has blocked Israel from doing anything on its own. They have denied Israel the right to fly over Iraq, and that was under George W Bush! I would even go as far as to bet you that the US has stymied Israeli intelligence operations in Iran – as they have done in the past, in other places.

The irony is that when the United States went into Iraq, some of us thought that Iraq would become a staging ground for operations in Iran – to take out Iran’s nuclear capability. That was the only reason that I could see for going into Iraq in the first place. I even wondered if it was a clever gambit by the Bush administration.

Well, it wasn’t a clever gambit, and all that the invasion accomplished was to hand Iraq to Iran via its Shia majority and create an air defense system that could deny Israel the ability to overfly Iraq. (Saddam Hussein’s air defenses were pathetic.)

Who would have thought that the US would be so instrumental in helping Iran achieve its nuclear ambitions?


Anyway, what got me back to thinking about this was a video by Erick Staklebeck that was followed by an interview with Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin by Pat Robertson. (Pat is REALLY looking old in this video.)

After watching this, I find myself impressed with General Boykin, and I think that you will be too.

I like this guy!

You can find General Boykin’s website here: Kingdom Warriors

His books can be found here: Kingdom Warriors/Store

You can also buy them on Amazon:

Never Surrender: A Soldier’s Journey to the Crossroads of Faith and Freedom

Danger Close: A Novel

Kiloton Threat: A Novel (sequel to Danger Close)

He is selling his books at his Kingdom Warriors store for more than they are sold on Amazon. I suspect that this is a way for him to raise funds to continue his work. If you order his books from Amazon, think about making a donation.

This guy helped create Delta Force. Anything that he says on the subject of special operations is worth its weight in gold. (Even at today’s prices.)

Oh, and the guy is a Christian who loves Israel.