15-25,000 Shoulder-fired Missiles in Libya

Tripoli has fallen and Gaddafi can’t be long behind.

The problem is that about 20% of the rebel forces in Libya are known to be affiliated with Al-Qaeda, and they now seem to have access to 15-25,000 shoulder-fired missiles.

Western governments say that they are working hard to keep those weapons out of Al-Qaeda hands, but with their current track record, do you really have much room for optimism?

I don’t.

Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport is well within range of these weapons if they are launched from within the Palestinian territories. It wouldn’t take much effort at all to bring down a 747 coming in to, or going out of, Israel.

That’s on top of the chemical weapons stockpiles and the unprocessed ‘yellow cake’ Uranium ore Gaddafi stockpiled while he was planning to build nukes.

This Libyan adventure doesn’t look like it has been well thought out.

For more information, read the article appearing on Breitbart.com.