Restoring Courage – Finale

Just minutes ago, Glenn Beck’s Restoring Courage ended, and cynic that I am… I admit to you that I have been blown away.

I don’t claim to understand Glenn Beck, but he has truly drawn a line in the sand – a line that was drawn by God, thousands of years ago and redrawn today. If you stand for life and Christ and Israel and the Jewish people… then you also stand for truth and goodness and God Himself.

Glenn Beck ‘gets it’, and he has driven the point home to the rest of us who don’t.

Over the last few years, all pretense of a ‘middle ground’ has disappeared. All that is left is one question.

Are you for us, or are you against us?

Where you stand at the end of time will, in part, be defined by how you have answered this question.

Again, I don’t begin to understand Glenn Beck, but for what he has done today, may God bless him and keep him. May the Lord’s face shine upon him and be gracious to him. May the Lord’s face turn toward him and give him peace.