Courage to Remember and the Journey to Restoring Courage

Very few non-Jews seem interested in what it means to be Jewish, and what it means to be Israeli. Most gentiles come with this romantic conception of Abraham, Isaac, Moses and King David, and fail to see the essence of the people.

When I saw Glenn Beck embark on this campaign for Restoring Courage, I mentally cringed expecting a sugar-coated, Westernized view of Israel. I was ready for him to run about, blowing the shofar, wrapping himself in the flag of Israel and totally miss the people. I was expecting all that…

But, that’s not what he gave us.

He got it right, and I’m so relieved.

On Monday night, he did ‘Courage to Remember’, showing a film called ‘Kleiner Rudy’:

Rudy Wolff, an eighty-five-year-old Holocaust survivor, invites his granddaughter, director of the film, to join him in visiting his German birthplace. Once there, Wolff meets his childhood friends, giving us a first-hand glimpse into the after effects of the Holocaust, such as how do Germans deal with their past? How do Jews handle forgiveness and reconciliation? Is it in fact possible to accept, understand and forgive?

As I watched Rudy Wolff journey through a painful past and make a reconciliation with that past… it was profoundly moving. Choosing that film as the centerpiece of the event was masterful because that film brought us into the lives of the survivor. It allowed us to see and live the challenge that all Israelis have with the past.

Then, on Tuesday night, Glenn showed us the harsh realities of extreme good and extreme evil. He shined a spotlight on the subject and showed us the horror of the concentration camps and the gas chambers. He showed us the terrible suffering that the Jews went through.

But, he focused on us.

He asked a question that we must all ask ourselves. Why did so few stand?

And, if I were to be faced with the same question, would I have stood?

Would you?

As Glenn prepares for the finale of this event, I highly recommend that you sign up for GBTV and watch it. If this is the kind of quality programming that we can expect from GBTV in the future, the subscription price will be worth it to you, many times over.