The Plight of Palestinian Christians

Let me take a break from the relentless gloom and doom that I’ve been presenting here. There’s really only so much insanity that you can take, and believe me when I say that I’m not having much fun, either. So, let’s talk about the plight of Palestinian Christians.

I’ve had direct and very personal experience with the obscene amount of persecution that Palestinian Christians must put up with in the West Bank. I am still in regular contact with a good friend who has been repeatedly imprisoned,  tortured and then banished. He has a wife and children in a village in the West Bank, but he can’t see them because the Palestinian Authority have tried to kill him several times, and almost succeeded the last time they tried.

And, the reason why I know this man and his story? I know him because Israel has given him refuge from his oppressors.

To me, this is the Arab-Israeli conflict in a nutshell. Israel is a place of refuge from tyranny. Arab lands are places of persecution and oppression. In Israel, you have freedom of speech. In Arab lands, you have no freedoms at all. In Israel, you can worship God in any way that you wish. In Arab lands, you live in fear for your life if you should worship anyone other than the Allah of the Quran.

So, I ask my fellow Americans. What insanity has caused the Left to oppose Israel and cling to the Arabs?

Could it be the same insanity that brought us the insane fiscal policies in Europe and America?

Well, if the conversations that I have been having recently are any guide, then yes, it is the same insanity. And, they cannot see how insane they have become. It is truly astonishing.

But, I promised that I wouldn’t get into the ‘gloom and doom’ of previous days, so I’ll stop THAT line of thought here.

Here’s the video that I stumbled across today:

Please pray for these poor Palestinian Christians who have suffered much for their faith, and pray that Israel’s hand would continue to be stretched out in help to them.