Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer runs Jihadwatch and has done much to keep us informed of what militant Islam plans for all who choose to reject the Quran. He was recently interviewed by Michael Coren on The Source with Ezra Levant, a politically conservative show aired in Canada.

The July 28 interview was titled Blame America (included below). In the video, Coren and Spencer go beyond the massacre in Norway and have a wide-ranging discussion that also covers Islamization, the Quran and even the possibility of Islamic terrorism in Canada. I think that you’ll like this video and appreciate the opportunity to get the measure of the man behind Jihadwatch.

Oh, and the page numbers that they refer to in the video?

Those are from Anders Breivik’s ‘manifesto’.

I think that there should be a law that nice-looking, clean cut terrorists are not allowed. Terrorists should look like the scruffy, obscene vermin that they are.