If you are like me, when you finish watching the videos… no, BEFORE you finish watching the videos that I’m going to show you, you will be horrified at how bad things are and very, very angry at how we have been manipulated (and lied to).

Christ Martenson spent his savings and four years of his life putting together a series of videos that he calls The Crash Course. And, he gives this course away for free, in video form.

This all sounded a bit ‘too good to be true’ until I watched it myself and found that it’s NOT too good to be true. It really is just true. He doesn’t seem to be selling anything, and his facts check out.

In the coming days, I will be putting together a few other pieces of ‘the puzzle’ that he does not include. If you’ve been reading my stuff up to now, you’ll know what those pieces are.

All of his videos can be found here:

The Crash Course

This course will take you three hours and twenty three minutes to complete, which seems like a lot until you realize how Earth-shaking this is.

Sit down and watch the first few videos. If you realize that you can’t finish the rest, then watch:

The Crash Course: The 45 Minute Version

You can also see them on Youtube, but the quality of the videos is much higher in the links above. Please also note that the information that he presents is between three and four years old, already. This means that we are already four years into ‘the next twenty years’.

And, if anything, the situation is far worse.

If you need to see these videos on Youtube, you can find them here:

Chris Martenson dot com on Youtube

The set of videos for the course are here:

The Crash Course on Youtube

Here are the first three Youtube videos.

Crash Course – Chapter 1 – Three Beliefs by Chris Martenson:

Crash Course – Chapter 2 – The Three E’s by Chris Martenson:

Crash Course – Chapter 3 – Exponential Growth by Chris Martenson:

Again, the higher quality videos are here:

The Crash Course

And, the 45 minute condensed version is here:

The Crash Course: The 45 Minute Version

Have a great weekend.

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