Walid Shoebat – Slandered by CNN

You meet interesting people while sweeping a floor in Jerusalem.

Last Summer, my wife and I were helping in the cleanup effort one Friday morning at church, when we ran into a couple from California. They were in Jerusalem for a few weeks, hanging out, and they had come to help get the Jerusalem Assembly meeting room ready for services on Saturday morning.

As you would expect, we talked about this and that and (and the other thing) but spent most of our time sharing our thoughts on Israel. Then, he mentioned that he knew Walid Shoebat.

It was like a bomb had gone off in our conversation.

“You know Walid Shoebat?” I exclaimed.

He looked at me and said, “Yeah, he was in the class I teach every Sunday morning before church.”

There was no way a guy like me could carry on sweeping under conditions like that, so I stopped what I was doing and concentrated on what this guy from California was telling me.

Now, I want to stop here and let you know that I have been very cynical about some of the people who claim to be Palestinian Christians. Several of them have not lived up to their reputations, and I had been wondering if Walid Shoebat existed in that category.

The good news is that he’s the real deal. He is truly a sincere, good-hearted Christian who works tirelessly to help people understand Islamic extremism and the threat it represents to America.

That’s why CNN’s slander of this good man is so galling. Here’s a video that details the errors, distortions and just plain sloppy journalism of CNN:

It is frustrating to see such a good man defamed by such yellow journalism.

Walid Shoebat and those like him deserve love and respect from all of us. I am deeply ashamed at what CNN has done to this man.

Oh, and the couple from California? Well, they stayed on for a couple more weeks, and we got a chance to know them better.

You can really meet good people sweeping a floor in Jerusalem.

2 thoughts on “Walid Shoebat – Slandered by CNN”

  1. John,

    True indeed, you never know who you could meet while reading the comments on your blog either. But I hope and pray that when you enter His future kingdom, you would not be a floor sweeper but His ambassador– as you already are.

    As far as my case goes; the golden rule in spotting smear campaigns from valid reporting is simple; the most important element to any reliable investigation is providing legitimate sources. To date, no one provided a single statement or any exchanges or interviews with any police, prison or government officials to disprove my story. Had they done so, smear campaigners would have disclosed them.

    Jesus said “… blessed are you when they say all kinds of calumny against you for my namesake …”. This would mean that the mark of a true Christian is that he will be slandered as Jesus was, for He too was accused of being “fraud” and His detractors never produced any valid source to refute what was said about Him.

    Alright my friend.

    Be well.

    Walid Shoebat

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