Assault on the Constitution

The US Constitution has been under siege for a long time – pretty much from its inception. But, up to now, it’s been respected enough that the enemies of the Constitution could not mount a direct assault on it.

My how times have changed.

Ryan Grim has written two articles in the Huffington Post that should scare you:

‘Super Congress’: Debt Ceiling Negotiators Aim To Create New Legislative Body

Super Congress Moves Forward Despite Tea Party Opposition

Why should these two articles scare you?

They should scare you because these articles describe moves to create a legislative body in direct opposition to the US Constitution. If they succeed, we will have started down a slippery slope that ends in the complete destruction of the US Constitution and the setting up of rule by Presidential decree.

And then, we will shortly be ruled by martial law.

If this sounds familiar, it’s only because we are trudging down a well-traveled road. We have two examples in the Weimar Republic (which lead to Hitler) and the Republic of Rome (which lead to Caesar). We already hear those who call for Obama to rule by decree, and let us not forget the fools in the mainstream media calling for the scrapping of the US Constitution.

People undoubtedly wonder why we even have a Constitution.

I’m starting to wonder myself. After all, the character of America has been all-but-destroyed. The idea of God, once considered a foundation for the Constitution, has been removed. The education system has also played a role in destroying the reputations of the writers of the Constitution while undermining the idea of it all.

Notice how they are using the idea of a ‘looming disaster’ (the debt ceiling) to make their attack?

What will happen when war breaks out with Iran?

When that happens, I believe that the Constitution will cease to exist and the great Republic of the United States of America will cease to exist. That great experiment in democracy by our founding fathers will have failed.

I may have known for twenty years that this was coming, but it still makes me sick to think about it.