An Egyptian Napoleon?

Revolutions are chancy things. You never quite know what you’re going to get when you start one.

We think of the American Revolution as having had only one possible outcome, but that is just not so. For instance, did you know that we came perilously close to a monarchy? That’s right, many of the founding fathers wanted George Washington to become a king. And, it was his for the taking, except for the fact that he abhorred the idea.

The French Revolution wasn’t so lucky. A brilliant young artillery officer from Corsica, Napoleon Bonaparte, rapidly rose in the ranks of the revolutionary army and then staged a coup d’etat in 1799, taking over the French government and calling himself ‘First Consul’. Five years later he was Emperor Napoleon I and on a rampage through Europe, conquering everything in sight. Thankfully he went on to get thrashed by the Russians (Moscow) and the British (Waterloo).

Now, how does Egypt come into this?

Well, Egypt is very much in the midst of its own revolution, and the outcome is undecided – very undecided. All it takes right now to tilt the balance in one direction or another is for a brilliant young army officer to rise and take power.

Here’s a video clip that got me thinking about this:

Do we really want another Napoleon or Muammar Gaddafi taking power in Egypt?