Price of Evil

In 1860, the population of the United States was 31,443,321. Three and a half million of that figure were slaves. About 625,000 men died in the war to end the despicable evil of slavery. That’s about 2% of the US population.

Think about that for a second.

Because we refused to end slavery in the 1700s, at the time of the founding of the United States, we were required to pay 2% of our population to end it almost a century later. We knew slavery was wrong. The US founding fathers knew it was wrong. They compromised by doing nothing, and our great-great-great grandfathers died.

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever.

– Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson was speaking specifically about slavery, and he knew that God was going to judge the US for that horrifying evil. God did judge America, and 2% of the population died.

The price of evil was 2%.

Andrew Klavan got me thinking about this. No, he hasn’t done a statistical analysis of the price of evil. That’s me. I do that kind of thing.

No, Klavan’s thing is thoughtful, well written books and articles – as well as being a UC Berkley graduate who made the journey away from liberalism. Here’s an excerpt from his latest piece, On Liberty and Abortion:

For all that, I was for many years in sympathy with Roe’s argument: people have a right to privacy and abortion is a private decision. I now find it impossible to continue in that belief. This is painful for me not only because it seems to violate my natural libertarianism but also because a lot of the women I know and love have had abortions and it simply isn’t in my heart to condemn them — or indeed anyone — for what I know was a painful, sometimes devastating, decision.

Nonetheless, I’ve come to see that every single argument in favor of unlimited abortion simply skips over the decisive question: is an unborn child a human being or not? You can’t say killing a human being is a private matter. You can’t say a woman has “a right to choose” whether to kill a human being. You can’t say it’s okay to kill a human being because he was the product of rape or incest. You can’t argue that protecting the life of a human being unfairly extends government power — the government already has, and must have, that power. And you surely can’t say we must kill masses of innocent humans for the greater good of society. That’s more than hitlerian. It’s satanic.

You can see pro-choicers stumble over this problem of logic when feminists, say, complain that people are aborting far more girls than boys or when gays worry that the discovery of a “gay gene” may lead to a “gay holocaust” by abortion. It ain’t a holocaust if you’re not killing people. And if unborn children aren’t human, why shouldn’t parents kill them off until they get the one they want?

Americans have murdered close to 55 million babies since 1973 – or, about 17% of our population. That’s right. We have murdered with our own hands something like 17% of our population, and specifically from a part of the population that God has said that He loves the most: our children.

In 1860, there were 3.5 million slaves – about 11% of the US population. We had enslaved 11% of our population and paid with the lives of 2% of US to undo this evil.

But, how can you ‘undo’ murder?

And, what is the price that we are about to pay?

Here’s Andrew Klavan again, for a more humorous take on the issue…

Of course, this is no laughing matter. We’ve murdered our children.

What price are we going to pay for this?