Gaza Flotilla Fizzles


Finally, someone’s starting to have an attack of good sense. Or, at least they’re having an attack of a sense that is better than the one that they’ve been using, lately.

Why is it that so many have this penchant for blindly following the mainstream mantra that ‘anything Israel’ is evil while ‘everything Palestinian’ is good?

It’s completely mystifying. But, then again, I’m someone who likes to see where I’m going no matter how scary it is, instead of closing my eyes and living a fantasy focused on a different destination.

I’m reminded of my own version of a joke that you might already know:

Late one night, a man walks down the sidewalk and stumbles across a drunk on his hands and knees, searching the ground illuminated by a streetlight. The man asks the drunk if he needs help.

“No,” says the drunk. “I lost my glasses in the alley, but I’ll find ’em pretty soon.”

The man glances at the alley and then looks at the drunk. “So, why don’t you look in the alley?”

The drunk sits back and looks at the man as if he’s lost his mind. “Why? It’s a lot easier to look here.”

Most people are like the drunk. They know that what they are looking for is in the dark alley, but it’s so much easier to look under the streetlight.

Anyway, here’s a nice video showing one reason why the “Gaza Flotilla” is such a mindless bit of theater, especially since the truth of the situation is somewhere else:

Hopefully, we’re finished with this nonsense.