Hezbollah is All About Jerusalem

It’s almost as if Iran has been reading Hitler. Which makes sense, since Hitler’s Mein Kampf has been a best seller in book stores all over the Muslim world.

It shouldn’t surprise us then, that Iran has penetrated deep into South America and moved up into Mexico. Iran has strong ties with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, to the point that Venezuela has agreed to Iran building missile sites in their country.

So, why am I talking about Hezbollah?

Everybody knows that Hezbollah is a terrorist group in southern Lebanon whose sole purpose is to drive Israel out of Lebanon and the occupied territories. That is the ‘accepted belief’, but what you may not know is that Hezbollah is under the direct control of an organization called Niru-ye Qods, a special forces arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Let me take you on a tangent and talk a bit about Niru-ye Qods, because it’s important. In the mainstream media Niru-ye Qods is known as Quds Force, which is interesting because they are only translating Niru-ye, but they aren’t translating Qods (or Quds). Niru-ye is obviously Force, so what is this Qods?

To give you a better idea of what this Qods is, let me tell you that the last Friday of Ramadan is ruz-e qods or Jerusalem Day – a day in which they march and shout death to Israel. That’s right, Qods is Jerusalem, which means that the Qods Force is the Jerusalem Force. Does that maybe tell you something?

Yeah, it’s all about Jerusalem, and by extension, it’s all about Israel.

Why do the the mainstream media refuse to use Jerusalem Force and instead, use Qods Force? Because they want to deny that our current struggle is over Jerusalem. They want to deny that Jerusalem has any part of this. They want to delegitimize the Jewish claim on Jerusalem. But, let’s get back to Hezbollah.

So, Hezbollah is an arm of Niru-ye Qods (Jerusalem Force), which means that their activities have a direct connection with Iran’s interest in Jerusalem.

It’s fascinating to think that, as Hezbollah infiltrates Mexico and into the United States, that this is all about Jerusalem.

There’s a fascinating half hour program that you should watch, and it’s all about Hezbollah:

This is from the Stakelbeck On Terror website. It can also be found on the CBN News website here.

(Who would have thought that CBN could produce quality programming?)

We are on our way to war with Iran because of Iran’s global ambitions. And the spearhead of those ambitions is Hezbollah. And we know that Hezbollah is all about Jerusalem.

3 thoughts on “Hezbollah is All About Jerusalem”

  1. Dear John!

    I recommend you reading this article, written after the 2006 war with Hisb’ullah (meaning: “Party of God” in Arabic).
    BTW: The meaning of al-Quds or al-Qods is “the holy one”, i.e. the holy city. And it is interesting to see how Jerusalem is connected to Islam as the “third most holy place” even thought it is never mentioned in the Qur’an. What is mentioned is not the name of the city, but a place called “Al-Aqsa” (the one on the opposite side) – which is todays name of the mosque in Jerusalem which was a move by Mohammeds successors to say: this is the place Mohammed dreamed of – when he – supposedly – accended to the heavens and was into bargaining about the prayer times (so now they need to pray “only” five times a day …).
    But spiritually it is very clear: The one who controls Jerusalem is the only true God – that’s why it’s all about Jerusalem (Al-Quds, the holy one, the place where God – and I’m speaking obout the God of the bible now – decided to watch over his plans and to make it his footstool of the God of Israel, the Father of Jesus Christ (the Messiah).
    [compare Gen 25:28; 1Chron 28:2; Hebrews 7:3;10:13]

    The Lord bless you!
    Shalom/salam ???? / ???? from Jerusalem
    Peter ???? ????

  2. Hey Peter,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I agree completely.

    And, thanks for the link. I’ll look it up.

    Just to clarify a minor point. Let me say that yes, Quds is Arabic for ‘Holy’ or ‘sacred’. What’s interesting to me is that the Iranians speak Farsi and consider Qods to be the name for Jerusalem. Their word for Holy is completely different.

    – John

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