To the Lifeboats, Please

When I first heard that the Federal Deficit was equal to our yearly economic output, I was horrified.

“We’re DEAD,” I cried. “DEAD!”

I just KNEW that the average American didn’t have the cajones to pay off that kind of debt. And, I certainly knew that no American politician was going to ask their supporters to pay it off.

But, that was then. This is now.

A few weeks ago, I heard that the National Debt was actually worse than we thought. I didn’t pay much attention to that little bit of information, ‘cuz it was something that I had heard in passing. However, just a few moments ago, I find myself having read the information and suddenly understanding the implications.

We are more than dead. We are SO DEAD!

It starts with lies.

Yeah, lies. The ones the Congress tells.

Usually, when someone says they are lying to you, what comes next is yet another thealienshaveinvaded and theydon’twantyoutoknow conspiracy. This isn’t like that. This is just good old-fashioned lying through your teeth cowardice. That kind of lying.

When Congress and the Federal government publish ‘National Debt’ figures, they don’t calculate those numbers like you and I do. No, if a business were to calculate its financial obligations the way Congress does, they would put the managers in jail.

They call it fraud, and fraud is against the law – unless you are the US Congress. If you are the US Congress, you can create one set of laws for the people, and a completely different set of laws for the government. And, THAT is how we got to the point were the Federal Deficit is actually higher than anyone can actually pay off. Ever.

Let me repeat that. There is no possible way for the United States of America to pay off its debts.

It cannot be done.

How do I know this?

Well, USA Today looked into all the financial obligations the government has entered into and has found that the US government has unfunded obligations of almost 62 TRILLION DOLLARS. Let me put that into a bit more perspective.

That is $528,000 per US household.

That is about the total yearly economic output of the planet.

In short, the situation is impossible.

I can think of only one way out of this, and that is to default on all of our debt. All of it. The problem is that I don’t know of any country that has ever managed to survive a default like this. Furthermore, with the kind of government that the US has had for the past 20 years, I do not think that they CAN manage this.

Even worse, they do not seem to want to manage it. And, they certainly aren’t interested in warning you that catastrophe is on its way, ‘cuz they’re still busy lying to you.

Please, to the lifeboats, everyone.

Seriously. You cannot save this country, and you can only save yourself.

Do this now:

Eliminate your personal debt.

Of what is left over, purchase tangibles like food, gold, silver, diamonds – something that you’ll use, or something that you can carry.

And, most importantly? Get to a place where you will be safe when it all falls apart. Get to a place where you can survive, and where you can trust your neighbors.

Even better, get to a place where the economic system will survive, ‘cuz the US system isn’t going to.

Sounds hysterical, right?

Well, I think that hysteria is the only reasonable option that anyone has left. When the rest of the world comes to the realization of how broke America really is, they will foreclose. Or, at least, they will try.

Is there something that can be saved?

Well, I’d say yes, if we were a nation of character and values, but that country lives only in the hearts of the generation that fought WWII.

I would even say ‘yes’, if there appeared to be ANY desire on the part of the government to start the process of repairing the damage. But, that willingness exists nowhere.

In fact, I don’t even believe that the ‘Rule of Law’ will survive. It might, but I doubt it. The ‘Rule of Law’ lies in tatters, even now.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I say again:

To the lifeboats, please.


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