Good News – Iran Will Have Atom Bomb in 2012

What a relief. Iran will probably NOT have ‘The Bomb’ until March of next year.

Here’s a quote from Reza Khalili’s website:

I revealed on May 31 that the Revolutionary Guards are now in possession of two nuclear capable warheads, with eight more to be delivered within the next ten months. The Guards expect to have at least two fully armed nuclear warheads before the end of the current Iranian calendar year, March 2012.

Whew! So, it won’t be until NEXT summer that they’ll be able to attack the US!

Okay, so maybe it’s not GOOD news, but it is ‘better news’. I mean, it’s better that Iran have nuclear weapons next year, instead of in… oh, say… three months. Nuclear weapons THIS Fall is worse than nuclear weapons next Summer. Since worse is bad and better is good, it’s good news, right?

The fact that they will eventually have eight nuclear capable warheads should not alarm you overmuch. They will only need between two and six warheads to send America back to the early 1800s. More than that would be just overkill.

Please remember that what we are talking about here is an EMP attack. It’s something that I’ve talked about here and here, and others have been warning about here and here and here. In an EMP attack, there will be no electricity and most (if not all) sensitive electronics will cease to function. No electric pumps will run. No electric starters for pumps will run.

This means no water, no gas, no oil, no heat and no food for months (or even years). Replacing damaged and destroyed components will require getting them from outside the EMP zone, such as Europe or China. How long would that take?

Can you live that long?

Now, I’m curious about when Iran would launch such an attack. A Summer attack would be a lot more survivable than a Winter attack. In the Summer, people without access to natural water would have to start walking to where it can be found. There would be a massive migration away from cities and arid areas that quite a few wouldn’t survive. Then there would be problems with starvation, disease, etc. I’m sure that the ‘FEMA Camps’ that so many haveĀ  talked about would be a great relief to everyone. Unfortunately, Iran is looking for as high a body count as possible, so I suspect that a Summer attack isn’t going to happen. (Although, I’m sure that if you write the Iranian government a really nice letter…)

A Winter attack would be a different matter. In the Winter, not only would water pumps not work, but your heating units wouldn’t either. You would very quickly start to freeze to death.

Here’s a map showing the average annual low in the United States:

Frost Belt Map of US

Here’s a link to a larger version of the above: US Frost Belt

(Both pictures can be found on the National Arbor Day Foundation website.)

The above picture indicates where there is a chance that freezing temperatures can damage your trees. But, it’s also a great indicator of where freezing temperatures will damage YOU when the power goes out.

Everyone who lives in zone 10, will be fine. People who live in zone 9 will probably make it. Those in zone 8 might survive. Zone 7… Well, it’s hard to tell how many would survive there, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Zones 6 and above? I’ve lived in zone 6. It’s hard to see how you could survive without heat in zone 6.

Basically, in the ‘freezing zones’ people will die by the millions.

And THAT is NOT taking into account the problem everyone will have getting water. Of those that survive in zones 7 through 10, how many of those will die of thirst, hunger and disease?

Well, one expert giving testimony before congress estimated that as much as 90% of the population of the US would die as a result of an EMP attack. (I’m still double-checking my source on that statement.)

But, let’s not be so ‘gloom and doom’. Let’s assume that the EMP attack isn’t as successful as Iran think it will be. Let’s assume that only 50% of the population dies from the EMP attack. Do you honestly think that America would survive as a country? And, if it did survive, what kind of country would it be?

Can you afford to be so optimistic?

Unless someone can prove that an EMP attack will NOT be as effective as advertised, optimism is a luxury that you cannot afford. If you live in North America, you need to move south – way south. Follow the example of a few that I know and move to someplace like Costa Rica.

But, before you make plans for the End of America As We Know It, your first step should be to put your spiritual house in order. Clean out your life and start living the way God meant you to.

if my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

– 2 Chronicles 7:14 (ASV)

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  1. brilliant and so glad you are writing again…interesting that you focused on america…bravo…WAKE UP LITTLE SUZIE, WAKE UP!!! sigh…no one is listening
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