Hamas Loves Israel, Not Egypt

Hamas has finally declared its everlasting love and devotion to Israel. I knew that they must have been secretly in love with the ‘Zionist Entity’, but now we know. Hamas loves Israel, and they don’t care who knows it.

It’s this classic love story where a girl (or guy) desperately in love acts in an outrageously hateful way to get the attention of the one that she loves.

What evidence do we have of this heated devotion?

I know that you won’t believe me, so I’ll let Hamas speak for themselves. Here’s a quote from the Jerusalem Post:

On Friday, UN spokesman Martin Nesirky, relating to the planned Lebanese flotilla, said those who wish to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza should do so by land and not try to break Israel’s sea blockade.

Hamas reacted furiously to these comments, calling them – according to an Al-Jazeera report – tantamount to “collaboration with the Israeli occupier.”

[Here’s where they declare their amorous inentions]

“The UN call to international organizations to use the overland road to Gaza instead of the sea is unacceptable and illegal,” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zahri said.

Jerusalem Post, Online ed. Sunday, July 25, 2010

Instead of docking in an Egyptian port and delivering goods overland from Egypt, Hamas wants the the ships to be escorted by the Israeli navy to an Israeli port. Hamas really doesn’t like it when they have to deal with Egypt. They want to work with Israelis. They don’t want non-Israelis to handle the cargo.

I bet you that the next thing they ask for is Kashrut certification and Israeli flags.

Love is in the air.

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