What Do You Do – Consequences

There is only one thing that you CAN do when people make bad choices. You need to let them experience the results.

The Universe is a difficult and unforgiving place. Every cause has an effect. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you try to break this ‘law of causality’ you are going to get hurt. And, if you don’t teach causality to your children, THEY are going to get hurt.

The same principle applies to the Palestinian government(s). If they start down a road that leads to war, you must let them have a taste of what the result will be – that is, if you have any care for them at all. If you don’t care, then you can follow the example of Jordan.

On September 15th, 1970, in response to Palestinian attack, the Jordanians were forced to declare martial law. When the Palestinian leadership ignored this attempt to restore order, the Jordanian army went in the next day to restore order by force. The result was tens of thousands dead and a terrible increase in the suffering of the Palestinian people.

THAT was Black September.

Israel tries very hard to use gentler methods to convince the Palestinians to change their behaviour. Israel does not want to be forced to kill thousands of Palestinians and drive hundreds of thousands from their homes (a la Black September). That’s why Israel has implemented the use of blockades and highly targeted strikes.

(Except Israel, do you know ANYONE who warns the occupants of a target before an airstrike?)

If they care about the Palestinians, the world will let Israel continue its campaign to change the behaviour of the Palestinians. The alternative is a bloodier repeat of Black September.

Surely, they don’t want that, right?

(Or, maybe they do.)