Less Awesome, but Still…

You know, when you have people like Magda reading your stuff, you gotta be on your toes.

I did a bit of checking and there IS a US Aircraft Carrier sitting off the coast of Israel and, by now, might actually be off the coast of Lebanon – but over the horizon.

But, it’s not an Aircraft Carrier Battle Group. It’s a Strike Group.

Smaller aircraft carrier.

Fewer ships.

Lots of Marines.

Still generates anxiety – but without the same level of dread. 

It would take a bit longer to destroy a country with a Strike Group, than with a Battle Group. It’s still pretty heavy stuff, but just not as exciting as a Battle Group.

AND, I should point out that my source did NOT say Battle Group. I added that.


I LOVE just saying the words ‘Battle Group’. There’s a lot of ‘Whoa Dude’ in a name like that. The words ‘Strike Group’…

   …well, they just don’t give you the same ‘shivery’ feeling.

But, having said that, you can keep the ‘shivery feeling’.

Trust me, you can do with out the ‘shivery’.