A Piece for a Peace

So, am I worried that the Israeli government will succeed in giving away Jerusalem?


First of all, there are LOTS of Israelis that feel like I do. ANY peace deal that threatens the smallest piece of Jerusalem… well, there would be an incredible level of resistance from a grassroots level all the way up into the highest levels of government.

Giving away Jerusalem could even spark a civil war. If you think that I’m being melodramatic, just ask the average Israeli senior citizen how many times Israel has strayed close to civil war.

So no, I’m not worried about the Israeli government giving away Jerusalem.

Of course, there’s an even greater reason why I am confident. Abba Eban was one of Israel’s greatest diplomats and once famously said of the Palestinians,

They have never missed an opportunity
to miss an opportunity.

It is a shock to see how consistent they have been in their conformity to this rule.

My own favorite describes their singular ability to…

…snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

So, there are two reasons why we can remain confident that Jerusalem will remain in the hands of the Jewish state of Israel. We can only hope that this latest attempt to give away a piece for a peace doesn’t result in a higher body count than the last time.

We’ll see. 

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