Because There is a Pattern

I saw the movie Pi this week. It is an incredibly moving, and disturbing, movie. It was filmed in black and white – in grainy, high contrast. They used obsolete PCs, and they glued old circuit boards together and called it a mainframe. It was seriously low budget. It was about good and evil, obsession and migraines, patterns and the Universe.

It was great – especially if you are like me and have a background in science.

Patterns and the Universe. Have you noticed them? There is a rhythm, a beat, to the Universe. Sometimes it pulses quietly. Other times it pounds. And, when it’s syncopated and unpredictable, it’s only because we can’t hear the underlying tempo.  

It will never cease to amaze me.

Just look at History. It always seems to follow a pattern. And, the people around us never seem to see themselves doing that.  

Take Schicklgruber, for instance. In fact, let’s call it the Schicklgruber Pattern. (It has a certain ring to it.)  

Just over 80 years ago, there was this Austrian guy, Schicklgruber, who wrote a book called My Struggle. It was a book full of madness and evil, and we dismissed it and him. However, there were those who took notice and listened and chose him to be the leader of their country.

That author was more commonly known as Adolf Hitler, and his book was Mein Kampf.  

We chose to ignore the mad polemicist from Austria and paid the price for that ignorance with more than 50 million dead. You would think that when 50 million die, you’d remember a thing like that. You’d remember how it happened, and you’d be careful to never let history repeat itself. You would NEVER let another Schicklgruber happen again. 

So, why are we choosing to ignore our own Schicklgruber?

Why have we ignored this new version of Hitler?

The madman from Iran has made plans that will double, even triple or quadruple, the dead of World War II. He, like Hitler, seeks to exterminate the Jews and destroy Europe and North America. And, all that we can do is wag our finger at him.

We are rushing headlong towards a repeat of an 80 year old pattern. Why? Why are we doing this? Have we lost our minds?

Not quite. Part of the problem lies in a failure of imagination. We just cannot imagine how someone can be as evil as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. How can a man be THAT evil?

Except that we know that men can be that evil. There have been plenty of Schicklgrubers to inspire our imaginations. The problem isn’t in our imagination. 

The problem lies in the fact that you cannot see Evil until you know what is good. You cannot know what evil is until you place yourself among the good. Unfortunately, doing that requires making decisions, taking action, making a change. It’s inconvenient. It’s even painful.

So, you put it off. There’s always tomorrow. There are so many things that vie for your attention that goodness… well, it must take second place in your mind. And anyway, we must be pragmatic. Doing the right thing, being good, just gets in the way.

A little lie here, or a little lie there, helps keep things moving, right? We need a certain amount of deception to keep our society moving along, right?  

Except, that was the pattern we followed in the previous century. During the early decades of the previous century, the average person felt the same way – and wound up with Herr Schicklgruber. 

We have put off making painful choices. We have lost sight of what is good, which means that we are doomed to a blindness to evil. We are stuck with this century’s Schicklgruber.  

Because there is a pattern.  

30 thoughts on “Because There is a Pattern”

  1. What??!
    You don’t have a background in science?!
    Political science?
    Well the only people I believe can use that description
    are the ones that had to go through chemistry and organic chemistry
    physics..that sucked even more

  2. 3.14159! Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra(It’s neither linear nor algebra!), Physics, Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics of materials, Fluid Hydraulics, Chemistry, Circuit Analysis, Operations Research(weirdest science course I’ve ever seen!)…. Ahh, the salad years, I look back at those days as the best of my life. In my early twenties, no worries (except taking all those courses), young beautiful friendly unattached girls all around! sigh……now it’s all about kid’s, the mortgage, insurance payments, getting the kid’s to school on time, college funds, are the dogs fed……AARRRGGGGHHHH! Heck I wouldn’t change a thing if I could!!! I am, we all are blessed to live in paradise, freedom, liberty and the right to be as stupid as we want as long as we follow the law and don’t infringe on others happiness.

    I loved the Schicklgruber analogy. I’m a bit of a historyphile and have been to Europe a couple of times to see historic battle fields and monuments from the past and present. I’ve been to most of the battle sites in Germany, Austria and France. I’ve also collected a bit of memorabilia from the eras of WWl and WWll. Some people who don’t know me have made the unbelievable mistake of thinking I somehow am sympathetic to corporal Schicklgruber’s insane weltanschauung, not a chance. I don’t even like using Schicklgruber’s more common name in public. I am however interested in military aspect of how a country the size of Wyoming nearly took over the world, twice. I’m rambling now but to summarize, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the worlds new corporal Schicklgruber, as John points out, just as the first one was a threat to civilization as we know it, so is the new one. The new one is scarier on a couple of different levels, the first corporal Schicklgruber tried to raise his ideology to the status of a religion (he failed) but the new one has had that problem already solved before he was born. The second is the nuclear component. Frances leader along with the rest of the world are beginning to realize what that truly means, having nuclear weapons in the hands of a person who believes he can force the coming of the 12th Iman if he causes enough chaos. Imagine David Koresh with a nuclear capability. Diplomacy won’t work with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he thinks he’s on a mission from Allah, just like Schicklgruber thought providence was guiding him. That’s the definition of danger, the Chamberlin’s and Jimmy Carter’s need to be minimized, brave men need to take action and set a long lasting example to the world of what happens to little tyrants who threaten others with their radical ideologies. Just like the world did belatedly in WWll.

  3. “So, why are we choosing to ignore our own Schicklgruber?”

    because of so many psycho Hanibal..
    I was in a rental store the other day…take a good look at the new releases.

  4. All that you have written here lately has catapulted my mind into the understanding of entropy and the second law of thermodynamics.

    I stumbled upon this by accident in an article relating to the care of plants.

    People in the agricultural industry are very polically driven especially where imigration is concerned and WE ALL KNOW WHY.

    This quote from an article in GrowerTalks was profound.

    “You can’t keep doing the same thing, or somebody is going to come along and grab some of your share of the available “energy” and you entropy while they grow.”

    Oh my, Oh MY!!!!! gnaw on that for a while…

    I don’t look at Ezekial and get depressed. I get excited about the SECOND return of Jesus Christ and how it is our responsibility to share His love for all mankind to everyone.

  5. Hey Sassy,

    The reason to get depressed over Ezekiel is that there are people that you love who are NOT paying attention, which means that they are going to suffer when it all hits the fan.

    You’re not depressed about yourself. You’re depressed about others.

    How has the job thing been going?

    – John

  6. Hey Mr. Bigs

    The job hunt is definatly one hunt that has kept me rather busy. Now the lady i’m living with is on another hunt. She has made it her job to find me a suitable man. Isn’t that a hoot!?!

    She thinks I should bake cookies and woo the opposite sex with my chocolate chips.

    So, enough about me, hows your migraine and that vein in your temple???

    My suggestion would be to get on your red trike and take a nice ride thru the park.

    I’d join you but i’m busy trying to find work.

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh, I thought it was all about you getting depressed. Hmmmmmm the reality of the ramifications of not accepting Christ as Saviour is just to scary. An eternity in Hell if you die before Christ’s second coming and living in the era with the anti christ as ruler over the world….YIKES glad i’m not going to be here.

    God loved us so much that He already sent His son once. He lived here on earth 33 years and then was crucified to save us from the penalty of our sin.

    It was his choice. He made that sacrifice for me.

    It’s amazing to me that folks won’t just believe it.

    They believe everything else without question a lot of the time. What’s so difficult about this.

    I tell folks that faith is believing in what we can’t see.

    Take a chair for instance, we see it, it’s there and we sit in it without even thinking twice as to whether or not it will hold us. How do we know it’s gonna hold us up? We have faith that it will.

    It’s really that simple. Even little children understand. Little like 4 and 5 years of age.

    Why do you think older folks don’t get it?

    it’s free. It’s a free gift from God.

  7. “You’re not depressed about yourself. You’re depressed about others.”

    And not only others we Love, but others we hate as well.
    Not one of us are perfect..
    I find it depressing to read about Fred’s visit to New York.
    I thought we were supposed to be civilized.

    Hence, my work focus- the environment:)
    Lot’s of prayers, chickie

  8. I wish we could all just live in peace, but that’s not how it’s going to unfold.

    We have to be proactive during this time so that everyone has the opportunity to hear the good news.

    I was wondering why some people are so active in the political arena. Now I understand why. I wish I was in New York right now. I’d like to see the Iranian President for myself. I havn’t watched the news because I keep having to reinvent this pathetic resume of mine.

    This is the sixth revision. HR people are fickle.

    Gods plan is perfect so i’m waiting on Him while I continue in my pursuit for work.

    my nose hurts

  9. Now there’s a news flash John. Did you know that we’re NOT perfect?????????

    Sound the alarm!!!!!

    We’re not perfect.

    Where did that bit of random words come from?

    Who thinks they are perfect?

    I’m stumped.

    Definatly NOT perfect definatly NOT….I’m definatly NOT PERFECT….

    That reminds me of the movie Rainman. LoL….definatly not…definatly not perfect

  10. Actualy, I think it’s
    None of us *is* perfect..I’m not sure..English teachers?

    As always, I have no idea what you are talking about, SP

    AND if you are going to be mean about it….
    you keep spelling *definitely* wrong, and its been bugging me:):):)

  11. Yes, well John doesn’t offer spell check here and so I tend not to worry so much about spelling. You can correct all of my errors if you like.

    Mean? Me? You must be joking…LoL

    Oh, I forgot I refer to Aliba ba as Fred. LoL

    It would have been interesting to hear him. I can’t believe he’s on American soil.

    Ok, gotta run. I finished my revamped resume again and now the girls need to finish homework. I’ll catch yall later

    Anna, I’m just being silly. It’s a shame that voice doesn’t come thru the words.

    its why I prefer real human contact that and the fact that people are rather warm and cuddly and computers are cold and rigid
    there no capitalization or punctuation either no spaces its a huge run on sentance
    thanks for prayin for me i can use all the prayers i can get cuz im living with a shop aholic who is as sweet as a bottle of syrup she is most lovely to hang with and i am learning lots from her and she from me shes a keeper

    kiss kiss

    later gator

  12. Hurray 4 wifi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where else can you sit by the pool with your legs propt up on the table listening to birds and watching the sun finally decide to come out from behind the clouds all while reading the news and watcing the planes go by?

    I love it in this era of technology!!!!

    Planes = October =air show=me and my Dad.

    Oh my goodness, I gotta go make a phone call.

  13. “This is the sixth revision. HR people are fickle.”
    alright, you are nicer than me.

    What kind of degree is HR anyway? That is about as comparable to a home ec. degree. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooososoososososososo
    relieved not to have to deal with all of that bs. SOme are very condescending actually.
    I just made one, generic copy of my resume, and that was it…I don’t know what your field is, but they never know what I’m freaking talking about anyway..but oh, instead of being Honest, they pretend to know what I am talking about..I know this, since I’ve thrown in a ton of bogus information and he just agreed with me.
    I’m writing a book on that one: It is called “The other side of the interview.”
    Oh and wait! Don’t you have to spend 30-40 minutes filling out *their* information that is already on your resume??
    What a huge waste of time and paper..I hope they recycle.

    Chickie, just put on your “acting hat”:)
    You can do it:)
    Although, I will pay you if you go to an interview and completely freak out and scream and throw papers and books and stuff..?

  14. What’s my field/career? I am a domestic engineer by trade. That is where I gained my expertise. It is what I do best and so I am now just looking for a job where I can utilize my expertise.

    I actually found something that would allow me to travel a little bit and that would be fun. Secular jobs are really NOT that appealing to me. I really feel led toward ministry and so I apply at church and other ministry based organizations. Of course I still apply for secular jobs because they too would become my place of ministry.

    I am a terrible actor and I have a difficult time knowingly telling non truths so I find the entire interview process rather ridiculous.

    Throwing fits is not my style and I would have to be pushed very far over the brink to have this reaction.

    I’m following the Lords lead on all of this….not worried and at peace.

  15. Oh, and I apologize to Mr.Little:
    Computer Science is in a category all of it’s own-Science and Art and Martian Language…and it is WAY to incredibly
    sucky trying to keep up with technology! What, is there like an upgrade every 2 minutes?
    Crabby me is taking a break:):)
    Nice night, Y’all:):)

  16. No, actor as in saying what they want to hear and not telling lies..…they will explain what I am talking about.
    Make a negative a positive!!!
    It’s all in the wording and presentation, Missy:)
    You can do it:)

    What is a domestic engineer, BTW?

  17. I’m probably the only 10,000 he’s got. What a great way to find out what she’s really made of.

    I hope he’s having a good laugh.

    I think i’ll go walk the greenbelt with my new friend Socko. the doberman.

    A domestic engineer is a homemaker. I love it cuz it stumps those ignorant HR @$$&*()% every time.

    I know I know that’s not very nice is it. I am cranky at the moment, but I made some wonderful spagetti sauce using red wine. YUMMY yum!!! Wanna try some?

  18. Last year this was my magic lamp and so this year i’m going to rub it again to see if I can get some tickets to the Air Show.

    If not then I try another avenue….where are my stillettos


  19. Ok, so i’m bored to tears and hyper. Must be the walk I took with the dawg.

    Ok, so i’m rubbing the lamp and out of the spout pops John Little all buff and wearing those flowing Geni of the lamp pants.

    Hee hee he’s kinda cute too. LoL

    The dawg and I had a blast and I showed him a big ole turtle and we got all muddy and he went swimming in the muddy water and chased an armadillo and a few froggy woggies.

    And did you see the moon tonight!?! It was a big pizza pie moon.

    Reminded me of that song so i sang it quietly to myself.

    And there were bicyclers in their colorful bicycle wear and they would shout out left left or right right so I would stay out of their way.

    Thankfully a little oriental grandpa past me and then turned around and followed behind me all the way to my hood, well except for I had to do a text page there at the end of my walk and he got in front of me. Im glad he was there cuz it was getting dark. Figured he could bust a karate chop move while the dog tore into my would be assailant if one should dare mess with me and my doby.

    Then when we got home I jumped in the pool and pulled the dog in with me. Dawgs don’t like clear water especially pools for some reason. My lab Jett loved all water but he was a lab and swimmin is in their blood.

    Socho is so worn out he’s downstairs snoring up a storm.

  20. Im a YANK living in TEXAS.

    Im fixin to get my cane pole and go fishin in a secret watering hole that one of the pastors at my church told me about. Great place to catch channel cats.

    Wanna come with me?????

  21. “you cannot see Evil until you know what is good”
    That’s a theory. Fact is that most people’s early lives were just too good to believe or even phantom evil.
    My father was raised poor, so when the first report came about the extermination camps he believed it. None of the well to do people around him could.
    I was married to someone evil.
    That also helps.
    You cannot see Evil until you’ve seen it around you.

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