A Jewish Metaphor

Now, let me get something straight here. I’m a little confused.

The Sarkozy government wants the rest of Europe to SCALE BACK on its involvement with Iran?

I hope that you don’t mind my incredulity, but isn’t that a bit tepid?

I’ve been racking my brain to find a suitable metaphor, and I think that I’ve hit on one. Y’all feel free to help me out with a better one. 

What would you do if, say, a gang set up a gas station near your neighborhood with the goal of using the profits to create a drug lab? Near your neighborhood?

Would you believe them when they say that they’re only going to make drugs for their own consumption? AND, what if this gang has had a history of sending out hit teams to kill people in the neighborhood? What if this gang has openly said that they are going to come to  your neighborhood and kill everyone that isn’t at least an associate of their gang?

Would you continue to buy gasoline at their gas station?

Would you go to your neighbors and say, “let’s just SCALE BACK our buying of gasoline at their gas station?”

Now, we should be fair to the Sarkozy government. They undoubtedly would like Europe to do MORE than this, but they know that this is all that they could get away with. Could France be using a little Sarkazm? Getting a bit Sarkaztic?

(And, thanks go to Tedders who has been faithful in pointing out the French change of heart!)

I never thought that I would ever say this, but here it goes:

The problem isn’t the French.

Can you believe that I just said that? I’m looking at what I just typed, and I STILL can’t believe it. The world must really be turning upside down if you can actually get my hands to cooperate in typing out such a statement.

In fact, it’s such an incredible statement; let me try writing it again:

The problem isn’t the French.

Wow. There it is again.

However, for all of my surprise, it’s still true. It’s a European problem – a European problem with a close analog to the rise of Hitler.

Europe saw what was going on in Germany, and chose to do nothing. They saw Hitler rearm and did nothing. They saw Germany support Franco in Spain and did nothing. When the Nazis talked about wiping out the Jews, Europe nodded their heads and said, “Go right ahead!” 

Now that I think about it, I’m beginning to see some powerful parallels.

As Hitler and Nazi Germany were gaining in power, Jews in Israel formed an organization called the Office of Aliyah B. In Hebrew, it was Mossad Aliyah Bet. Their job was to go through the Jewish communities and warn of the danger of Nazism. They pleaded with their families and friends to flee while they could, and very few listened. When Hitler gained even more power and started imposing restrictions on emigration, Mossad Aliyah Bet turned to smuggling their fellow Jews out of Europe.

You know the rest of the story, except this: After the state of Israel was created, the agents of Mossad Aliyah Bet became the nucleus of the greatest intelligence agency ever created – The Mossad.

But, let’s get back to our story.

Just as the Jewish people did not recognize the threat until it was too late, so too has Europe and America not recognized the danger of Iran until it was too late.

It’s ironic. America and Europe have become a metaphor for the Jewish people. We’ve tolerated Islamic Fascism, and now it’s going to kill us.

3 thoughts on “A Jewish Metaphor”

  1. Marallyn and I had our weekly breakfast/brunch this morning – well, sometimes it’s more than once a week but we’ll not quibble – and I told here that if anyone deserves to be wished a Shana Tova u’ Metuka it’s you. I am thoroughly enjoying reading your blog.

    Shana Tova u’ Metuka – Rena

  2. Hey John,

    Actually I like your gas station metaphor.
    Because what’s true with it, too, is, that what may happen in this neighbourhood, especially in towns, where there’s no police forces you can trust, is, that people will come RUNNIG to the gas station and buy as much gasoline as possible hoping that this way they will at least be the last on the list if the gang finally starts going after the nice people in their neighbourhood. But those people buying gas like crazy are too moralistic to join the gang. They just try to make friends without becoming the “bad guys” in the first place for the sake of saving their ass. And they may even do it uncounsciousely.
    The same thing could be true for big parts of Europe: Countries (counsciousely or not) making deals with Iran for the sake of a somewhat acceptable bonding with it so that they won’t be first once Iran goes after the rest of the world.
    Why? Perhaps they’ve got no trust in any kind of ally that COULD fight Iran. Not even inside the European Union which is a fully grown tragedy …

    just my 5 Cents trying to get that one more layer off the onion …


  3. i found and read your brilliant analysis on september 29, 2009. two years after you posted it, iran tested its liquid-fueled Shahab-3 and solid-fueled Sejil-2 missiles, which can travel up to 1,250 miles. do you think NOW america and europe will wake up?

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